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Murchison Falls National Park

Park Overview

Murchison Falls NP is Uganda’s biggest protected area located some 300km North-East of Kampala. The park is named after the famous Murchison falls that occur on the stretch of Victoria Nile that bisects the park into two parts on its way to L. Albert. The world’s most powerful waterfall occurs where the over 200m wide Nile is contracts through a passage of 7m Rock crack in the rift valley escarpment before tumbling down some 40m below.

On the northern banks of the river Nile, the savanna grasslands are dotted with palms of borassus palms and acacia woodlands frank the banks and dry river lines, while scrub and dry bush dominate a few sections of the park. At the confluence of the R. Nile and L. Albert is the delta where papyrus and other marshes dominate. On the southern banks of the Nile, vegetation consists of woodland graduating into moist-lowland forest reserve of Budongo.

Quick Facts about The Park

Size: 3840 km2

Altitude: 619m-1292m

Mammal species: 76mamals

Bird species: 480 birds

Drive time from Kampala – 320km/5hrs.

Location: North Western Uganda

Park Activities

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