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Mt. Rwenzori National Park

Park Overview

The UNESCO world heritage site of Rwenzori Mountains rise upward to a 4000m from the rift valley floor and tops to 5109m on Stanley {margarita peak} the 3rd highest peak in Africa formed about three million years ago along with the rift valley. Crossed by the equator at its southern tip, The Rwenzori are also the highest ranges on the continent stretch some 80km long and 40km wide along Uganda-DRC border.

The national park protects a diverse eco-system on altitudes from 2800-5010m where vegetation zones namely;

  • Evergreen forest zone up to 2800m
  • Bamboo zones 2800-3300m
  • Heather zone 3000-3800m
  • Alpine zone 3500-4500m
  • Nival [afro-alpine moor land] zone 4400-5000m

Quick Facts about The Park

Size:  996km2

Gazzetted: 1991

Mammal species: 54 mammals of which 5 species are endangered, 14 threatened, 4 restricted range species.

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