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3 days Ssese Islands Tour

Our 3 days Ssese Islands tour is one of the best packages for local tourists in Uganda. A collection of 84 islands in Lake Victoria make up what we know as the Ssese Islands. Lake Victoria is the largest fresh-water lake in Africa. The Ssese islands are found in Kalangala District –  about 51kilometeres away from Entebbe town. The major activity on the islands is fishing but tourism is catching up real fast. The Ssese islands are one of the most popular tourist attractions while on a Uganda tour. Bugala Island is the largest and most visited. The other major islands include Bubembe Island, Nsirwe Island, Funve Island, Bugaba Island, Serinya Island, Kitobo Island, Kigungu, Ngamba and Kalangala (where the district administrative offices are located).

The Ssese islands are characterized by pristine/clear waters, white sandy beaches and virgin rain forest. The islands are located in quiet and sparsely populated areas which allow Ugandan’s escape (briefly) from the stressful life in the busy urban areas. Visitors to the Ssese Islands should expect to take part in several activities including canoeing, beach games, swimming, nature walks, boat cruises, quad biking and off-course visiting the local fishing communities. The romantic atmosphere around the islands make them the perfect place for holiday makers, couples, lovers and honeymooners. The islands are excellent for birdwatching and small primates viewing (Vervet and Colobus monkeys). Birders will be amazed by the unique species found in the islands. Some of the species found include the Africa grey parrot, Turacos, the African fish eagle, Jewel pygmy kingfisher, Palm nut vultures, hornbills, paradise flycatcher and barbets.

3 Days Ssese Islands TourThis 3 days Ssese Islands tour begins from Entebbe or Kampala and will involve a tour of the large island Bugala. While visiting Bugala island, you will be using the route through Entebbe – Nakiwogo landing site. You can however decide to use an alternative route that starts from Kampala through Masaka district.

Day 1: Pickup from Entebbe Airport, Kampala or Jinja – Transfer to Ssese Islands Bugala

Our company guide will pick you up from the airport in Entebbe, your hotel or Kampala and drive you to the Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe before 2:00pm. The ferry leaves at exactly 2:00pm. You will then 3 days Ssese Islands toursail to the largest island Bugala. If you arrive earlier in the day and have to wait for the ferry too long, our guide will take you for a tour of the Entebbe botanical gardens or the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (zoo). While on the ferry, enjoy the beautiful sites of the second largest fresh water lake in the world. The ferry drops everybody at the Lutoboka bay in Bugala Island and by this time, you would already know just how beautiful the island is. Check in at the hotel, shower and take a walk to admire the beautiful scenery. The rest of the evening will be spent relaxing and enjoying the white sand beach. A camp-fire can be lit on request later in the evening.

Dinner and accommodation will be at Brovad Sands Lodge (Luxury) or Pearl Garden Hotel (Mid-range and budget) which is built next to the beach.

Day 2: Nature walks, swimming, fishing at the Ssese Island

Begin your beautiful day with sumptuous breakfast which can be arranged for you at the beach as you watch the sun rise. You will then go for a guided nature walk within the Bugala Island. The island Guide 3 days trip to Ssese Islands Ugandawill take you to visit all the important places around the island while sharing information about the history and cultural significance of each spot. The Guide will also help you locate birds, primates, butterflies and other wildlife species as you walk through the forests in the island. After the forest walk, visit the landing/fishing sites and learn about their fishing lifestyle. Take as many photos as you can of the island and whatever you do. There are several other activities that will be involved in and they include boat cruising, sport fishing, beach games and sunbathing. We can also hire a bike from the lodge for you to use visit the different parts of the island alone or with a guide.

Dinner and accommodation will be at Brovad Sands Lodge (Luxury) or Pearl Garden Hotel (Mid-range and budget) which is built next to the beach.

Day 3 Departure to Kampala or Entebbe

After early morning breakfast, you will transfer back to Entebbe or Kampala. The ferry leaves Bugala at 8am and arrives in Entebbe at 11am.

Our company guide will meet you in Nakiwogo to take you back to Entebbe airport, Kampala or Jinja. We believe you would have enjoyed your time in Bugala Island and left with beautiful memories.

End of Tour

  • Ssesse Islands – Lake Victoria

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