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Kibale National Park

Park Overview

The mid-altitude and moist evergreen Kibale forest is the primates capital of Africa with 13 species including Chimpanzee, Red Colobus Monkey P.r. tephroscens (Uganda colobus), Uganda Mangabey (recent split from Grey-checked Mangabey), Red-tailed, Blue and De-brazza monkey, several nocturnal Galago also occur. Set on the edge of the rift valley, the park edges on the Savanna plains of QENP in the South attracting Herds of seasonal migrating Elephants as they escape the dry Rift valley floor, in the west it overlooks the Mountains of the moon. With the rainfall in the excess 1400mm this tropical forest boasts of varied eco zones supporting a rich flora and fauna. The nearby Volcanic Epicenter of Ndali-Kasenda region lies on the North West part of the park and a great bonus to explore.

Quick Facts about The Park


Gazzetted in 1993 

Distance: 330km/5hrs from Kampala

Altitude: 600-1590m

Birds: 375 bird species

Mammals: 70 mammal species

Trees: 351 species

Butterflies: 250species

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