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Mt. Elgon National Park

Park Overview

Straddling the Kenyan border, the freestanding Mt Elgon was gazzetted in 1993 to protect a 1145kmvaried eco-zones ranging from afro-montane to bamboo zones and afro-alpine zones. This extinct volcano is the oldest in the region with the broadest base of any mountain (about 80km2) towering from the surrounding flat plains to 4321m asl, making it the 8th highest mountain in Africa. The tallest peaks sit on a jagged caldera (Africa’s biggest) rim that stretches some 8km wide whose floor hosts several crater lakes and hot springs.

Quick Facts about The Park

Size: 1,110 km2

Altitude: 4,321 masl

Mammal species: 30 mammals

Bird species: 350 birds

Gazetted in: 1993

Location: Eastern Uganda

Park Activities

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