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Along the Jinja highway, a hidden cultural treasure awaits at Sezibwa Falls. This captivating cascade is co-managed by the Buganda Kingdom and the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Sezibwa Falls can be a delightful add-on to your Ugandan adventure, whether it’s a day trip to Jinja that includes Mabira Forest and the source of the Nile, or a longer safari exploring gorillas, wildlife, birds, or Uganda’s rich culture.

Sezibwa Falls originates in Buikwe District and tumbles for 150 kilometers before reaching its final destination. The falls themselves offer a captivating spectacle: 7 meters of cascading water framed by sharp-edged rocks. The sound of the water rushing down creates a symphony, perfectly complemented by the melodies of birdsong from the surrounding trees. The scenic beauty of Sezibwa Falls makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The legend of the Sezibwa River whispers tales of birth and transformation.

A captivating legend, passed down by the Baganda people, tells the story of Sezibwa River’s origin. Nakkungu Tebatuusa, a woman on her way to Kavuma Bukunja, is said to have given birth not to a child, but to two streams of water that became the Sezibwa River and its companion, the Bwanda River.
According to the Baganda people, Nakkungu gave birth to twins in the form of flowing water, which became the Sezibwa and its companion, the Bwanda River. The name “Sezibwa” reflects this powerful origin, derived from the Luganda phrase “sizibwa Kkubo” meaning “my path can never be blocked.” Locals believe this signifies the river’s unwavering flow, persisting through any obstacle along its 150-kilometer journey. A visit to Sezibwa Falls allows you to explore this legend further with the resident tour guides.

Cultural experience at Sezibwa

Your Sezibwa Falls adventure begins with a warm welcome from a local guide. As your tour progresses, you’ll reach a significant area: shrines where worshippers come to perform traditional rituals. These include shrines for traditional healers, where people may camp for days seeking blessings or the removal of ancestral curses. The belief is that the falls possess supernatural powers, connecting worshippers to their ancestors and granting them wishes for long life, success, and overcoming challenges.

Birding at Sezibwa Falls

Sezibwa Falls is a haven for birders, offering a chance to spot a dazzling array of common and rare species. The diverse habitat surrounding the falls attracts a variety of birds. Water birds grace the scene, while forest dwellers flit through the trees. Even some savanna species can be found in the nearby agricultural gardens.

A particular highlight for birders is the African finfoot, previously only reliably seen on boat trips in Lake Mburo National Park. Keep an eye out for the Giant Kingfisher, often perched on the lower branches near the cascading water, enjoying the spray and the bounty of the river.

Keep your eyes peeled for the magnificent Splendid Starling with its iridescent plumage, or the striking Black and White Casqued Hornbill with its impressive casque. Listen for the vibrant calls of the Great Blue Turaco and the Dark-capped Bulbul. Other exciting finds may include the Red-eyed Dove, the Woodland Kingfisher, the majestic Crowned Hornbill, and the Eastern Plantain Eater.

But the avian wonders don’t stop there! Sezibwa Falls is also home to a variety of smaller birds, like the Northern Grey-headed Sparrow, the Tawny-flanked Prinia, and the African Pygmy Kingfisher. Watch for the acrobatic displays of the African Paradise Flycatcher and its red-bellied cousin. Spot the agile Rock Martin skimming the water’s surface and the Grey-backed Camaroptera flitting through the trees.

Beyond the birds, Sezibwa Falls offers opportunities to see other interesting animals. Look out for playful troops of Red-tailed Monkeys and Vervet Monkeys swinging through the branches. You might even catch a glimpse of a Tree Squirrel scampering up a trunk, or a Nile Monitor Lizard basking in the sun.
While caution is advised, be aware that the area is also home to some green mambas and horned adders.

Here’s a tip: Consider bringing a good pair of binoculars to enhance your wildlife viewing experience at Sezibwa Falls

Rock Climbing

Sezibwa Falls offers the chance to add rock climbing to your adventure. The rock face near the falls features manageable climbs, perfect for those new to the sport or wanting a more relaxed experience. This exciting activity allows you to take in the beauty of the falls from a unique perspective, complementing the other attractions in the area.


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