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Most people on safari ask these questions; is tipping compulsory? Who should I tip? How much should I tip? At S &N Tours and Travel, we remind you that tipping is not compulsory even though most of the people on our safaris do tip especially when they are happy with the service offered. We are aware that most of our staff offer excellent service and are often very helpful beyond what the job requires. The size and style of your safari will determine how many people you might encounter.

Here’s a general breakdown

  1. S &N Tours staff: Your tour guide/driver and tour leader are with you throughout the journey. They’re your eyes and ears on the adventure!
  2. National Park Staff: Park rangers and site guides share their expertise, ensuring a safe and informative exploration.
  3. Lodge Staff: From waiters/waitresses and bartenders to housekeepers and bellmen, the lodge staff keeps your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Remember, tipping is entirely at your discretion. Consider the quality of service you receive and how much you interacted with each person.

A typical starting point for your guide/driver, tour leader, park rangers, site guides, and boat captains is US$10 (or equivalent) per person, per day. Feel free to adjust this based on your experience and the level of service you received.

When tipping smaller amounts, consider using Ugandan Shillings (UGX) for a better exchange rate for the recipient. USD, Euros, and GBP are widely accepted for larger tips, as they’re easily exchanged at forex bureaus. Ensure any foreign currency you use is in good condition, free of wrinkles, writing, stamps, or tears. Damaged notes are difficult to exchange.

Remember that you can get local currently from an ATM or exchange currency at the forex bureau or from a bank. We advise that you always have some local currency in case the cards do not work in some hotels because of loss of network. You will also need local currency when purchasing some gifts/souvenirs at the different craft shops or buying drinks. Your tour guide will advise on areas to get this at the start of your safari.

Whether you have further questions about tipping or anything else related to your Ugandan safari adventure, S &N Tours and Travel, is always happy to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us before your trip or consult your knowledgeable tour guide during your safari. We want to ensure you have an unforgettable and worry-free experience!




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