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In May 2013, Kagulu Rock was officially recognized as a tourist and cultural site in Uganda by the Busoga Tourism Initiative and the Uganda Tourism Board. This move fulfilled the Uganda Tourism Board’s commitment to diversify Uganda’s tourism offerings, which already included gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, birding safaris, adventure tours, and cultural experiences.

Located 30 kilometers from Kamuli town in Buyende district, Kagulu Rock stands tall at roughly 3,500 feet above sea level. This prominent landmark offers stunning 360-degree views and has been a popular rock-climbing destination for thrill-seekers, particularly international visitors, since 2003.

While development and facilities have been limited in the past, 2013 saw the Busoga Tourism Initiative step in. Their aim? To attract a wider range of tourists, including locals, and promote rock climbing as a unique adventure experience compared to the more established activities like white water rafting, quad biking, horse riding, and boat trips on the river near Jinja.


A Sacred Landmark and Cradle of the Basoga People

The Busoga Tourism Initiative identifies Kagulu Hill as a mystical wonder. It’s believed to be the first place where the Basoga people settled after migrating from Bunyoro, led by Prince Mukama. Chosen for its strategic elevation, it became the initial settlement and later the kingdom seat. The high vantage point provided expansive views of the surrounding area, aiding in defense and observation.

While the cultural significance of Kagulu extends beyond the hill itself, Kagulu Hill remains the most visible and enduring landmark. Located at the junction of two roads leading to Gwaya and Iyingo, it stands as a testament to the history and heritage of the Basoga people.

Kagulu Hill joins a select group of Ugandan hills catering to tourists. Rock climbing remains a popular activity, but for those preferring a less rugged ascent, a series of steps winds all the way to the summit. Don’t be misled by the steps, though – the climb is still a workout! The reward at the top is a breathtaking 360-degree panorama, showcasing a tapestry of verdant vegetation and a glimpse of distant Lake Kyoga in northern Uganda.

Enrich your Ugandan safari with an unforgettable adventure of rock climbing at Kagulu Hill! The climb offers stunning scenery, thrilling challenges, and plenty of photographic opportunities, making it a perfect choice for anyone seeking a unique experience. Contact us at info@sandntours.com to plan your trip.


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