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Buhoma, the heart of gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, offers a diverse selection of accommodations to suit every budget and style. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose your perfect gorilla viewing haven.

We take pride in our meticulous selection process. We personally visit each lodge, ensuring the best possible experience for our guests. Our key selection criteria include:
Unforgettable Views: Breathtaking vistas to enhance your gorilla encounter.
Exceptional Service: Warm hospitality and attentive staff dedicated to your comfort.
Location, Location, Location: Easy access to gorilla trekking trails.
Eco-Conscious Design: Lodges built using sustainable practices and reflecting local aesthetics.

Buhoma caters to a range of travel styles.

Budget-Friendly Camping: Ideal for budget travelers, offering basic facilities like camping grounds (sometimes with tents provided) or space to pitch your own. Shared amenities like showers, restaurants, and bars are available. Be prepared to bring your own essentials like tents and sleeping bags for the most affordable option (starting around $20 per night).

Standard/Budget Lodges: These clean and comfortable options offer private bathrooms and often include breakfast in the price. Expect basic amenities with good value for money (ranging from $50 to $100 per night).

Mid-Range Comfort: Perfect for those seeking comfort without breaking the bank. Mid-range lodges feature self-contained rooms, permanent safari tents, and a variety of amenities like Wi-Fi, swimming pools, and more. Prices start around $150-$250 per night.

Luxury Escape: Indulge in unparalleled luxury lodges. Expect exceptional service, exquisite cuisine, well-stocked bars, and an array of amenities like spas and laundry services. Prices range from $500 to $2000 per night (or even higher) depending on the lodge and location. Buhoma boasts a high concentration of luxury lodges due to its pioneering role in gorilla tourism.

No matter your budget, Buhoma has a comfortable and charming lodge waiting to welcome you. Relax, explore, and be mesmerized by the magic of mountain gorillas.

Buhoma, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park’s gorilla trekking hub, boasts a collection of exceptional luxury lodges. Here’s a glimpse into three distinct experiences

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Nestled deep within the park, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp offers unparalleled access to the rainforest and its inhabitants. Visitors get to unwind in one of eight elegant tents, featuring mahogany floors, private porches, and captivating forest views. Queen-sized beds, deep soaking tubs with forest vistas, and constant electricity ensure a comfortable stay.

Gather around the crackling campfire, sharing stories and reflecting on your gorilla encounter. Dedicated staff cater to your every need, ensuring delicious meals and seamless service. Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa treatment after your gorilla trek.

Mahogany Springs Lodge

This centrally located lodge boasts private access to the Munyanga River, where mountain gorillas are often spotted. Eight stone and thatched cottages offer stunning forest views and private bathrooms with modern amenities. You can relax on your private veranda with a book or enjoy an evening drink by the crackling fire.

Savor private breakfasts and dinners served riverside, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the rainforest. The lodge is conveniently close to the gorilla trekking meeting point and bird watching trails. It was built using local and sustainable materials, Mahogany Springs Lodge reflects a commitment to the environment.

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

Perched overlooking the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and a serene watercourse, Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge offers breathtaking vistas. This lodge prioritizes sustainability with features like solar power and water conservation practices. Visitors can relax in one of nine luxurious Bandas (including a deluxe option), each with a personal butler service.

Pamper yourself at the Humula Forest Spa and sauna. Enjoy a drink at the well-stocked bar or savor a cup of tea, all while soaking in the ambiance. Take advantage of Wi-Fi access in the main lodge and charging facilities in each Banda. Buhoma’s luxury lodges promise an unforgettable experience, blending comfort and adventure.

Buhoma Lodge

Buhoma Lodge prioritizes exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences for guests. Nestled amidst the rainforest, the lodge’s architecture blends seamlessly with the environment, minimizing its footprint. Visitors get to relax on their private veranda and soak in the panoramic views of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. They might even spot a gorilla in the garden on a lucky day!

Visitors can unwind in the comfortable lounge after a day of exploration, enjoying a refreshing drink and the sounds of nature. Eight well-furnished cottages, built using local materials, offer a sense of place and feature large windows for captivating forest views. Each has a private veranda and solar-powered lighting for a touch of eco-luxury.

The Haven Lodge Buhoma: Mid-Range Comfort with Stunning Views

Situated just 5 minutes from Buhoma village, The Haven Lodge Buhoma offers convenient access to the park and surrounding areas. It has breathtaking, panoramic views of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, creating a backdrop for your Ugandan adventure.

Visitors can choose from a variety of comfortable options, including self-contained cottages, Bandas, and a family cottage. All are built in traditional African style using local materials.
Delicious African and international cuisine are prepared by Ugandan chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Buhoma caters to various travel styles. Whether you seek eco-conscious luxury or comfortable mid-range options, you’ll find a welcoming haven to complement your gorilla trekking adventure!


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